Anti-Fracture Mat

ROCATEX Anti-Fracture Mat is an uncoupling membrane designed to accommodate lateral movement for tile installations on floors with limited movement. When used as a system with ROCATEX S1/S2 flexible adhesives, it forms an easy to use, highly flexible, crack prevention system which combines the functions of uncoupling and stress/crack bridging caused by shrinkage.

  • Easy to Install / No Curl
  • Ultra Low Build-Up / Only 0.7mm
  • Fast Track System / Tile Immediately
  • Damaged Floors / Screeds / Timber
  • Underfloor Heating / Above or Below
  • Interior Use / Commercial / Domestic

Advanced 3-ply construction of 2 outer layers of non-woven polypropylene with a fibre reinforced inner glass filament layer offers many benefits. With its crack bridging properties and optimised shearing force protection, it allows new tiles to be laid on old and damaged floors, provided that these are still load-bearing.

The overlapping fixing method and non-curl material ensures a quick and easy installation and does away with the need for difficult butt-jointing. Tiling can commence immediately when used in conjunction with ROCATEX S1/S2 rapid set adhesives. ROCATEX Anti-Fracture Mat is ideal for domestic and commercial projects.

With a thickness of only 0.7mm, ROCATEX Anti-Fracture Mat allows safe installation on challenging substrates without creating unnecessary build up. The mat is lightweight, easy to cut and is available in 30m rolls x 1m wide.