Superflow Fibre Flex Leveller

Hi-Flow, Fibre Reinforced, Flexible, Self Levelling Compound 3-80mm

Bed Depth  


25 mins
Pot Life  


90 mins
Foot Traffic

  • Extremely Free Flowing / Easy To Use
  • Wet Edge Technology / Seamless Gelling
  • Highly Flexible / Fibre Reinforced
  • Self Levelling / Self Smoothing
  • Quick Drying / Non Shrink
  • Underfloor Heating / Easily Pumped
  • Concrete / Screeds / Timber Floors
  • Tiling / Vinyl / Soft Floor Coverings

ROCATEX Superflow Fibre Flex Leveller is an extremely free flowing, quick drying, fibre reinforced, highly flexible, self levelling smoothing screed, blended from a mixture of the highest quality, fine grade raw materials.

ROCATEX Wet Edge Technology promotes seamless gelling between pours, ensuring a perfect surface and finish every time. It is particularly effective for encasing underfloor heating systems where its thermal transfer properties enhance the heating application.