C-10 Ultimate Grout Sealer

A high performance VOC free water-based impregnating grout sealer designed using the very latest technology in fluorochemistry. This versatile and easy to apply penetrating and invisible sealer provides a durable, non-film-forming protective barrier on wall and floor grout joints, porous acid sensitive surfaces including polished and unpolished natural stone, paving, concrete and render. ROCATEX C-10 Ultimate Grout Sealer allows the surface to breathe and provides excellent oil, grease and water repellency, stain resistance and ease of cleaning.

  • Suitable for Wall & Floor Grout Joints
  • Also for Stone / Concrete / Brick / Render
  • Excellent Stain & Dirt Protection
  • Fights Against Mould & Limescale
  • Easy to Apply - Only 1 to 2 Coats Required
  • Invisible Finish - Does Not Alter Grout Colour
  • Highly Repellent Long Lasting Protection
  • Interior / Exterior / Domestic / Commercial