RG1 Ultimate Epoxy Grout

Impervious, Water Wipeable, 3-Part Epoxy Wall & Floor Grout, 2-6mm

Joint Width  


40-60 mins
Pot Life  


24 hours
Set Time

  • Impervious / Waterproof
  • High Strength / Flexible
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Suitable for Hygiene Critical Areas
  • Easy Clean / Water Wipeable
  • Anti-Mould Technology
  • Colour Matched Silicones & Expansion Joints
  • Interior / Exterior / Domestic / Commercial

ROCATEX RG1 Ultimate Epoxy Grout is a 3-part, epoxy resin-based grout developed to provide a unique water wipeable wash-off system. It creates an impervious, waterproof tile joint with excellent mechanical strength which is resistant to chemical attack. Suitable for interior and exterior wall and floor grout joints between 2-6mm.