Ultimate Grip Primer

A Solvent-Free, Rapid Drying, One Coat Bonding Primer, 5 & 10kg

  • Multi-Purpose / Easy To Use
  • Ultimate Bond / Textured 'Key Coat' Finish
  • Rapid Drying / One Coat Application
  • Very Low Emissions / EC1 Plus (VOC)
  • Non-Absorbent / Absorbent Surfaces
  • Existing Tiles / Asphalt / Bitumen
  • Concrete / Blockwork / Screeds / Timber
  • Interior / Exterior / Dosmestic / Commerical

ROCATEX Ultimate Grip Primer is a solvent-free, rapid drying, one coat bonding primer with adhesion enhancing additives. Designed to adhere to even the most problematic non-absorbent surfaces, the rough textured finish promotes maximum bonding when tiling, levelling, screeding and rendering.

Suitable for interior and exterior use and for non-absorbent and absorbent substrates including; existing tiles, asphalt, bitumen, metal, glass, moisture resistant chipboard, lime and gypsum plaster, plaster boards, concrete, screeds, anhydrite, levelling compounds, cement based rendering and wooden surfaces such as plywood and floorboards.